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Date Contest Venue Section Position Test Piece Reviews
14-Mar-20  West of England Regionals  Torquay  2nd  5th  The Golden Sabre  0
10-Mar-19  West of England Regionals  Torquay  2nd  14th  Rise of the Phoenix  0
10-Mar-18  West of England Regionals  Torquay  2nd  7th  Ex Terra Lucem  0
01-Mar-17  West of England Regionals  Torquay  2nd  14th  Rhapsody For Brass  0
15-Mar-16  West Of England  Torquay  2nd  8th  The Mermaid of Zennor  0
15-Mar-15  West Of England  Torquay  3rd  3rd  Evolution  0
08-Nov-14  Wessex Winter Contest  Bournemouth  2nd  13th & 7th  Rhapsody for Brass / Bramwyn  0
16-Mar-14  West of England  Torquay  2nd  7th (Disq)  Chaucers Tunes  0
19-May-13  Scaba Entertainment Contest  The Hawth, Crawley  B  2nd  Various  0
10-Mar-13  West of England  Torquay  Third  3rd  Hollywood  0
10-Mar-12  West of England  Torquay  3rd  4th  Olympus  0
12-Mar-11  West Of England Area  Torquay  3rd  5th  A Little Light Music  0
16-May-10  SCABA Entertainments Contest  The Hawth, Crawley  B  1st  Various  0
13-Mar-10  West of England, Area Contest  Torquay  3rd  9th  Labour and Love  0
28-Nov-09  Wessex Winter Contest  Weymouth  3rd  3rd (15th Overall)  Purcell Variations  0
17-May-09  SCABA Entertainments Contest  Crawley  B  1st  Various  0
14-Mar-09  West Of England  Torquay  Third  5th  The Once and Future King  0
23-Nov-08  WMBBA Annual Contest  Leamington Spa  3rd  4th  Oceans  1
10-May-08  Entertainments Contest  Haslemere  NA  1st  See Review Notes For Details  1
09-Mar-08  West of England  Torquay  Third  5th  Dark Side of The Moon  0
01-Dec-07  Wessex BBA  Weymouth Pavilion  First  1st  Purcell Variations  0
10-Mar-07  West of England  Torquay  Third  7th  ??  0
01-Dec-06  Wessex BBA  Weymouth Pavilion  Second  1st  Anniversary Salute  0
12-Mar-06  West of England  Torquay  Third  7th  ??  0
12-Mar-05  West of England  Torquay  Third  6th  Tam O' Shanters Ride  0
13-Feb-05  SCABA  Ringmer  Second  8th & 12th  Quartet Contest  0
01-Oct-04  SCABA  Folkestone  Second  7th  Rhapsody For Brass  0
28-Mar-04  West of England  Torquay  Third  10th  Vizcaya  0
08-Feb-04  SCABA Quartet Contest  Ringmer  Second  1st & 2nd  Quartet Contest  0
06-Apr-03  West of England  Torquay  Third  14th  Northern Landscapes  0
07-Apr-02  West of England  Bristol  Third  7th  St Austell Suite  0
01-Oct-01  SCABA  Folkestone  First  13th  Variations On A Ninth  0
31-Mar-01  West of England  Bristol  Second  14th  The Moor of Venice  0
01-Oct-00  SCABA  Folkestone  First  6th  A London Overture  0
01-Apr-00  SCABA  Crawley  One  2nd  Rhapsody For Brass  0
26-Mar-00  West of England  Bristol  Second  7th  Sword, Jewel and the Mirror  1
03-Dec-99  Wessex BBA  Poole  First  4th  Rhapsody For Brass  0
01-Oct-99  SCABA  Folkestone  First  11th    1
20-Mar-99  West of England  Poole  Second  18th  Symphonic Suite For Brass  0
03-Dec-98  Wessex BBA  Poole  Championship  3rd  Ballet For Band  0
01-Mar-98  West of England  Poole  Second  10th  Culloden Moor  0
29-Sep-97  National Finals  Birmingham  Third  6th  Dancing In The Park  0
12-Apr-97  West of England  Bristol  Third  2nd  Tintagel  0
01-Oct-96  National Finals  Cardiff  Third  9th  Sinfonietta  0
30-Mar-96  West of England  Bristol  Third  2nd  Intermezzo  0
25-May-95  West of England  Plymouth  Third  7th  Snowdon Fantasy  0
03-Dec-94  Wessex BBA  Poole  Fourth  1st  ??  0
01-Oct-94  National Finals  Wembley  Fourth  16th  ??  0
30-Apr-94  West of England  Plymouth  Fourth  1st  The Three Howarth Impressions  1
06-Dec-76  Wessex BBA  Bournemouth  Second  Unplaced  A Cornish Festival Overture  0
02-May-76  Wessex BBA  Weymouth  Second  1st  Songs & Dances  0
13-Mar-76  London Regional Finals  Watford  Second  Unplaced  Morning Rhapsody  0
18-May-75  Wessex BBA  Weymouth  Second  3rd  Overture For An Epic Occasion  0
18-May-75  Wessex BBA  Weymouth  Open  1st  Chorale & Variations  0
07-Dec-74  Wessex BBA  Bournemouth  Second  Unplaced  2nd Rhapsody On Negro Spirituals  0
01-Oct-74  National Finals  Imperial College  Second  Unplaced  Entertainment  0
17-Mar-74  London Regional Finals  Watford  Second  2nd  Songs & Dances  0
01-Dec-73  Wessex BBA  Bournemouth  Grading  1st  First Suite in Eb  0