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Hi It would be great to see some older photos of the band.

Posted By : Dave Lister On : 14-Apr-16

Looking forward to hearing the Band, for the first time, in June. Got a Tyros 3 now, and still prefer it to Alf's trombone. He's still my big bruvver! Good luck in all you do. Music brings pleasure to everyone. Colin.

Posted By : Colin Bulley On : 17-May-14

Hi there Is the band taking part in the regionals this year ? or any other contests.

Posted By : Dennis Knight On : 19-Feb-13

Was at your Autumn concert in the Hart Plain Church LAST EVENING I must admit that I had spent most of the afternoon listening to Black Dyke and Grimethorpe on c/d So trying to compere your performance would be quite unfair but I must say that your training band performed well and the cornet soloist Thomas Groves [if he maintains performing very confident performances like what he did last night ] then he will become a more than valuable member in your senior band I would also like to say that Verity Flood will also gain from her experience and performance as well as she did But I must praise Sarah Martin who is their trainer [director ] because she must of spent a lot of time with the players to present a performance like that Maybe one day she may become confident enough to become a bandmaster of her own band She definitely has the right attributes and character to do it.

Posted By : DENNI S KNIGHT On : 25-Nov-12

Can you say hi to Estelle from Sue nee Lightbown at Blackburn & Darwen Band? We've got a concert on Saturday and we're playing her arrangement of Just the Way you are conducted by Richard Evans.

Posted By : Sue Speakman On : 08-Jun-12

Thanks for a great concert last Friday night (21st Oct 2011) at Hayling Island. A great pity that more Islanders didn't turn out.

Posted By : Peter Keiller On : 23-Oct-11

Please can you let your MD Estelle know of a very important event on 10/9/11. A charity contest to be held in Bolsover (east mids) between J&C, ransomes, William Davis, rhodian and boobs & brass. Details to be found at 'J&C @ boobs contest 10/9/11'. Curran says he ORDERS her to be there !!!

Posted By : Andy Culshaw On : 05-Sep-11

What a very sound move by your committee to appoint Estelle as your MD back in March '09. By now I am sure that you have realised what a brilliant conductor/muscian Estelle is. Wishing Estelle and the band, actually the whole of your community organisation success for the for the future and hoping that you get a pleasing result on the 12th March. Gary & Monica.

Posted By : Gary & Monica On : 25-Feb-11

All being well might be in uk for a holiday next year and can catch up with a few old mates from 1977 Wynne's Fenn's Mould's etc any old mates can email me at lion.61@hotmail.com . cheers Steve

Posted By : Stephen hunter On : 07-Nov-10

Hello to everyone I know.

Posted By : Chris Brown On : 20-Aug-10

Congratulations on your win at the "Ents" today. Unfortunately I didn't get to see your performance, but if it was up to Estelles usual entertaining standards then it was worth 1st place. Best Wishes to Estelle.

Posted By : richard Slyman On : 16-May-10

I'm sorry it's been a long time coming, for various reasons, but this is a note to thank you, the band and your conductor for your concert at the Farlington Music Festival. A wonderful concert, much appreciated by all who came.

Although we were a little disappointed at the size of audience at some of the events, the festival has been a financial success, which could not have happened without the musicians who took part.

Please pass on my thanks to all who were involved that evening.

Best wishes,

Posted By : John Upton On : 04-Nov-09

Many congratulations on the results at Liss, Torquay and particularly SCABA last week its great to see your doing so well without me ! Hoping to come back in October so hope to see you then for a blow. Steve.

Posted By : Steve Merrick On : 21-May-09

Many congratulations on your result at the Entertainments Contest. I heard someone say they had a good euph and 1st trombone players, how right they were but don't tell them!! Nice to have a bit of culture in the programme, Oceans. How well it fitted in the links Kind regards, John Williams

Posted By : John Williams On : 19-May-09

Congratulations on apointing a fantastic musical director in Estelle. If you take part in the Entertainment contest,you will have a challenge but great fun too. It was a sad day for Brighton when she left there. Congratulations also on your result.

Posted By : richard slyman On : 15-Mar-09

Congratulations to the Band and Estelle on the result at Torquay today.

Posted By : John Williams On : 14-Mar-09

Merry Christmas and a Happy Musical New Year to the Band. Is this the first greetings of the season? I prefer my Technics 5000 to Alf's trombone....He ain't heavy, he's my brother!!!!!

Posted By : Colin On : 04-Dec-08

Hello! My name is Anders Beijer and Iím a composer of brass band music. Please, feel free to visit my web site and download my music (score, sheet music and recordings) for free. www.beijermusic.com /Anders Beijer

Posted By : Anders Beijer On : 23-Oct-08

Just wanted to say hello to everyone at Denmead who remembers me. I played for a fab 6 months in 99-00 and I think Cosham as it was then was the only thing that kept me alomst sain in Portsmouth whilst I lived there. I'm loving the newish website Nigel. Did I ever e-mail you my photos? If not I must try and dig them out for you! Are the band doing the scaba contest at Folkstone? It was the first contest I did with Cosham was the autumn Scaba contest. Will be there with Crystal Palace band if anyone is about. luv H xx

Posted By : Helen Bowstead Stallybrass On : 04-Sep-08

This may seem an unusual way to use your site but i would just like to say hello to Jane, Kevin and family who i haven't seen for years. Glad your still enjoying banding.I am also enjoying banding again after leaving the RAF quite a few years back. Cheers, Richard

Posted By : RICHARD MASON On : 20-Jun-08

My husband and I saw you tonight at The New Theatre Royal, 'Brassed Off' - what a fantastic performance, we both look forward to hearing/seeing you again - thank you for a lovely evening.

Posted By : Jayne Warren On : 31-May-08

Heard you first,(Sat. 24th May, the Queen's Birthday), in Portsmouth and thought it was the S.A., then to my delight there you were. A real English brass band. I havn't played for years,(45). The Toronto Metropolitan Brass Band,(junior), then to the Silver Band,(senior). Sadly work and marriage took over. I was invited to play with the Hampshire Police Band for a year,(military style band, E'flat Bass),not the same as a brass band. It was very enjoyable to hear and see you.

Posted By : Robert Hamon On : 25-May-08

I've been a fan of Cosham Concert Brass AKA Denmead Brass Band for years I've been coming to your concerts and contests but sadly I've been away in Iraq doing what needs to be done. I notice your band has had some major changes with a new director of music no percussion new name etc etc. I was hoping that your website would be updated but it seems not the case will it be updated soon?

Posted By : John Joynson On : 06-Sep-07

Message for steve merrick, just looking up Denmead and saw your site,very impressed.Hope you are all ok.My address is 22 Cedar rd.Mickleton.Chipping Campden,Glos gl556sz. from your cousin mike

Posted By : michael collins On : 01-Jul-07

Dear Band, A great concert at Hayling Island on Saturday night. It was a real pleasure to hear 'Big Band' again! Congrats to all the Soloists for a wonderful performance.Could I also mention the girls of Boyle O'Dowda Academy - what a performance! And the stunning dresses! I think audience numbers could have been increased if there had been some Poster advertising throughout the Island. The only adverts I saw were in the Hayling Islander and the Comminity Centre Bulletin. My next chance to hear you will be at the Denmead Show in August. Thanks again for a terrific evening's entertainment. Peter Keiller

Posted By : Peter Keiller On : 10-Jun-07

Looking at your website, it brings back good old memory's when the Band ( known then as the Cosham Concert Brass)played for us at our Oktoberfest's, and also on trips with us to Kornwestheim Germany - to play at Bierfest's. David Dawkins,Treasurer of Southampton Anglo-German Society.

Posted By : David Dawkins On : 16-Oct-06

This is my new Email hopr to hear from Nigel

Posted By : STEVE HUNTER On : 24-Aug-06

Hi Guys - I hope you are having a fab time out in France (without me!) - Well at least my garden is getting some attention finally, I might even end up with as good a tan as you lot the way things are going :o) See you all in a week or so (PS we now have a gig on the 17th Aug at Hedge end - so keep your lips in shape!)

Posted By : John Hill On : 09-Aug-06

Sam and Gemma here, chez Brydon. Loving the Merrick photo collection. Any nudes? Cash on delivery. Will pass on to ex-wife for a fee. Nice legs Aidan. Cheers me dears

Posted By : Sam Crooks On : 30-Apr-06

hi Guys was just looking at the old photos and guess what im there but the front row cornet player is John Winn not Barry not enough hair for Barry love the uniform could not afford then when I was with you cheers Steve

Posted By : Steve Hunter On : 26-Apr-06

Nice to see some of the old pictures from the Cosham Concert Brass Days ! After a break of 13 years have just started playing againg with Paramatta City Brass (Down Under in Sydney !). If I stumble across any interesting old piccies I will try and get round to sending them on.

Posted By : David Chandler On : 25-Apr-06

Like the photos - the unknown trombone player for the one at the regionals (circa 2000) was Phil someone!

Posted By : Sarah Martin On : 23-Apr-06

Hi Nigel Marks out of ten for spelling... 9.9 (Good Effort) Although some would say they are base players as well as bass players I wouldn't agree - someone has to stick up for the 'octavely challenged' among us :o)

Posted By : MD On : 20-Apr-06

Hi Steve Great to hear from ex-members of the band. Are you still playing? Whereabouts in Australia are you based? Best wishes John

Posted By : MD On : 20-Apr-06

The e-mail address you supplied does not work. Do you have an alternative ?

Posted By : Nigel On : 18-Apr-06

Hi can you tell me if any of the Wynn`s Fenn`s Steve Merrick or Ian Mould are still playing with you. I played with you in 1977 before emigrating to Australia. Dad was President and Nigel Macdonald was Musical Director. Thanks Steve

Posted By : Steve Hunter On : 17-Apr-06

Yes Nigel, I was here!

Posted By : jane On : 04-Apr-06

Hi all, This is our new guest book. Let us know what you think and we'll try and adapt the site with new ideas and features as we go. Best Wishes, Lin

Posted By : Linda Groves On : 02-Apr-06